It’s the little things: Small appliances add big convenience to tiny houses

Across the country, many people are looking to simplify their lives and lower their housing costs by downsizing their living spaces. Their choice of accommodations ranges from permanent or semi-permanent “tiny houses” or “micro-apartments,” extra-small apartment units in densely populated areas. But downsizing doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on the appliance conveniences they’ve grown accustomed … Continue reading "It’s the little things: Small appliances add big convenience to tiny houses"

Designing your laundry room? Here’s how to choose your appliances

Laundry rooms are often multipurpose rooms that are used for storage and pet care in addition to washing and drying. But they’re typically designed around appliances, and appliances are what you should consider first during a laundry room design or remodel. “Appliances are always the starting point, whether you’re designing the laundry room, a kitchen … Continue reading "Designing your laundry room? Here’s how to choose your appliances"

Universal design: How to select appliances

Universal design started as a concept aimed primarily at creating accessible, barrier-free homes for people with disabilities. But it has evolved into the concept of creating a comfortable, accessible space for all members of the household, and there are number of reasons why a homeowner may decide to pursue it during a remodel or renovation. … Continue reading "Universal design: How to select appliances"

Avoid Kitchen Redesign Regret

You thought you had built the kitchen of your dreams. Then you started to notice you were running out of storage space. Or that there isn’t quite enough space on your counter for your portable appliances. That flashy, trendy style you loved in a magazine might look great, but more important than style is choosing … Continue reading "Avoid Kitchen Redesign Regret"

Here’s what’s hot in the world of major appliances

Source: Houzz While connectivity seems poised to become a widespread feature in home appliances, consumers are still looking for convenience and style first when it comes to their kitchens. And top-load washers are making a major comeback. Here’s a look at the trends we’re seeing in major appliance shipments: Induction cooking goes mainstream: Since 2010, … Continue reading "Here’s what’s hot in the world of major appliances"

Kitchen Redesign Regrets

Many of us would love to have the kitchen of our dreams, equipped with beautiful appliances, cabinets and countertops, and one that will surely impress family and friends at a get-together. For some, those dreams became nightmares when their kitchen redesigns didn’t go as planned. Readers of This Old House magazine share some of their … Continue reading "Kitchen Redesign Regrets"

Want a Kitchen that Would Make Gordon Ramsey Jealous? Now You Can

As reality cooking shows depicting amateur chefs using refrigerators, ovens and ranges that would make anyone jealous, even Gordon Ramsey, appliance manufactures have jumped on board to develop home appliances and accessories that look like could’ve come from a high-end restaurant in New York. A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights how the industry is … Continue reading "Want a Kitchen that Would Make Gordon Ramsey Jealous? Now You Can"

Need Some Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, and the one we spend a significant amount of time in, particularly if you have a family to cook for. A “dream kitchen?? complete with shiny new appliances, plenty of workspace and a welcoming atmosphere is something many of us want. Are you … Continue reading "Need Some Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodeling?"

Evolutions in Kitchen and Appliance Design

Kitchen and appliance design and functionality has evolved from the days of the Frigidaire and Monsanto “kitchens of the future?? as shown in these two films from the 1950s. In this month’s Interior Design magazine, Jill Notini, AHAM’s VP of Communications and Marketing talks about kitchen design.  Click here to read the article, and see … Continue reading "Evolutions in Kitchen and Appliance Design"

Space Saving Appliances: Small, Tidy and Mighty!

Pick up the June issue of Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine, or visit to read their “Small But Mighty?? article (pg. 27) on space saving appliances that make meal prep and cleanup easier!    Many of your kitchen appliances are available in smaller sizes or space saving configurations.   If you are redesigning your kitchen, the … Continue reading "Space Saving Appliances: Small, Tidy and Mighty!"