April 23, 2013

Need Some Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home,
and the one we spend a significant amount of time in, particularly if you have
a family to cook for. A “dream kitchen?? complete with shiny new appliances,
plenty of workspace and a welcoming atmosphere is something many of us want.

Are you looking to update the design of your kitchen this
year? Need some inspiration? Dwell magazine, which focuses on
modern home design, has compiled a list of tips and predictions from designers
in an article titled 101 Kitchen

As the author notes in the article’s introduction, “This is
when we might heed German graphic design visionary Otl Aicher, author of The Kitchen Is for Cooking, who wrote: ‘The
kitchen is a function of man’s social nature. Cooking is only a pleasure when
others join in eating. And cooking is even more of a pleasure if others join in
the cooking.’ And all the design genius in the world is not going to get that
fresh fish into the frying pan, or those well-scrubbed potatoes into the oven.??

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