July 22, 2013

Want a Kitchen that Would Make Gordon Ramsey Jealous? Now You Can

As reality cooking shows depicting amateur chefs using refrigerators, ovens and ranges that would make anyone jealous, even Gordon Ramsey, appliance manufactures have jumped on board to develop home appliances and accessories that look like could’ve come from a high-end restaurant in New York.

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlights how the industry is appealing to consumers who have the means to create a “dream kitchen” that not only looks beautiful, but is functional as well.

“We are in a movement where we’re suddenly focused on what the kitchen should truly be,” said Eric Ripert, the famed chef at New York’s Le Bernardin. “And what we’ve seen is that most residential kitchens, while sleek, are totally dysfunctional. They were built by an architect to be beautiful, not to be used by a cook.”   

In addition to foot controlled faucets, some of the other additions now include cabinets designed like wardrobes where one can hang up their pots and pans so they’re out of sight from guests as well as stainless steel countertops that not only brings a professional appearance, but resist bacteria too.

The full article can be viewed here.

Dwell, a magazine devoted to the modern home, has an interesting
from architect Jeffery Beers describing his beliefs on kitchen design
and how this room should be the most social room in the house.

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