Do your part to prevent range-tipping

Have you taken steps to prevent range-tipping accidents in your home?  Typically, range-tipping accidents occur when a child climbs on to the open door of a range which has not been secured to the floor or wall by an anti-tip bracket and the child’s weight causes the range to tip over onto the child. This … Continue reading "Do your part to prevent range-tipping"

AHAM’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here, and prime cleaning season for many households. According to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute, 80% or Americans spring clean every year! Whether you’re doing a deep clean of the house or just tackling a few projects, these spring cleaning tips are sure to make your job a little bit easier. … Continue reading "AHAM’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips"

Everything You Need to Know About Induction Cooking

Home cooks are fortunate to have three solid options for cooking methods in ranges and cooktops—gas, standard electric and induction. While induction ranges make up less than 5 percent of all electric ranges, according to AHAM factory shipment data, that percentage has grown in recent years. In 2022, induction cooktops made up about one-third of … Continue reading "Everything You Need to Know About Induction Cooking"

Range Hoods: Ventilation Improves Air Quality While Cooking

When asked how cooking impacts the air in your home, your first thought might be smells like freshly baked cookies, or perhaps a burning pizza. Scents are an often great part of cooking, but the impact of cooking on your indoor air quality is more complex than that. All cooking, whether done with gas, electric, … Continue reading "Range Hoods: Ventilation Improves Air Quality While Cooking"

Induction Cooking is Heating Up

  The recent proposal by the U.S. Department of  Energy for extremely stringent energy standards that would effectively eliminate most existing models of gas ranges has many home cooks up in arms at the thought of losing their favorite cooking method. But it has also drawn more attention to a newer alternative: induction cooking. Once … Continue reading "Induction Cooking is Heating Up"

Oven and Range Cleaning tips

Once the table has been cleared after a big meal, you may feel as if you’ve had enough cleaning. Even the most dedicated neat freak might cringe at the thought of cleaning their oven. But putting it off can make cooking more challenging. There are many important reasons to keep your oven clean. Over time, … Continue reading "Oven and Range Cleaning tips"

How do manufacturers measure your oven’s baking ability? It’s a piece of cake.

  Your oven’s baking ability has already been tested long before it makes it to your kitchen. Appliance manufacturers put ranges and ovens through a rigorous series of tests to make sure they’re capable of churning out a steady stream of treats for you and your family. AHAM’s ER-1 standard for household electric ranges offers … Continue reading "How do manufacturers measure your oven’s baking ability? It’s a piece of cake."

All About Induction Cooking

AHAM has told you about the Five appliance that can help you save money, but did you know there is a type of cooking technology that can save you time, money and piece of mind?  Induction cooking is relatively new and unknown, but induction cooktops are gaining popularity among kitchen designers. Induction cooking works by … Continue reading "All About Induction Cooking"