June 3, 2011

All About Induction Cooking

AHAM has told you about the Five appliance that can help you save money, but did you know there is a type of cooking technology that can save you time, money and piece of mind?  Induction cooking is relatively new and unknown, but induction cooktops are gaining popularity among kitchen designers.

Induction cooking works by transferring heat directly to your pot or pan through an electric current.  The cooktop will only heat your pan when it is in direct contact with the surface.  For a complete explanation of how this cooktop works, read this helpful article in Kitchen and Bath Business: Understanding Induction.

So how can an induction cooktop save you time, money and piece of mind?

  • Induction allows you to cook your meal faster.  You will have more control over the heat, with the ability to adjust the temperature with more accuracy and bring water to a rapid boil in less than two minutes.  Clean up could not be easier with the flat, ceramic glass cooktop.  You can wipe it clean in seconds, and since it does not get hot, even spills and splatters are easy to clean.
  • The direct-to-vessel heating used in induction cooktops does not waste heat.  This makes this technology more sustainable than others, and you will save on your utility bills.
  • Finally, since the cooking heat stays contained to the pan, the surface of the cooktop will always remain cool.  Watch the video below from HGTV to see that you can lay your hand on the cooktop next to your pan with no worries!  Your kitchen will stay cooler and you will not need to be concerned about burns from touching the surface directly.


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