Your Recipe for Safer Holiday Cooking

With the holidays back in full swing, kitchen appliances, from major appliances like the oven and range to portables like the stand mixer and immersion blender, will be put to good use across the U.S. to turn out holiday favorites from turkey to pies. Appliances are extremely safe when used properly and are tested for … Continue reading "Your Recipe for Safer Holiday Cooking"

Holiday Cooking: What to Freeze and What to Prepare Fresh

Are you getting ready to host a big holiday dinner? Many people who kept things small in 2020 are gearing up to invite family and friends into their homes to celebrate the holidays. Your home might look a little bit different from a year ago, especially if you are among the many who added a … Continue reading "Holiday Cooking: What to Freeze and What to Prepare Fresh"

Simplify Holiday Cooking With Sous Vide

The holiday cooking season is almost upon us. What appliances are part of your holiday repertoire? Are you partial to holiday baking workhorses like your range and stand mixer, or are you looking to your slow cooker to warm up some holiday cheer after a trying year? A sous vide immersion circulator might not be … Continue reading "Simplify Holiday Cooking With Sous Vide"

COVID-19 Roundup, Winter Edition

As we approach the 2020 winter and holiday season, COVID-19 numbers are once again spiking across the country.  While we have learned a lot about how to clean, and how to stay safe, with the upcoming holiday season upon us, it’s worth the reminder of how to best keep your family’s safety and comfort in … Continue reading "COVID-19 Roundup, Winter Edition"

Late Summer Sweets for Nostalgia and Comfort

Whether it is barbecue (cooked indoors or out), fresh-from-the-garden vegetables, or frozen summertime treats, flavors are part of the summer. That first taste of a popsicle or lick of an ice cream cone can trigger nostalgic feelings as we remember our favorite treats from summers past. You might associate what you are eating not just … Continue reading "Late Summer Sweets for Nostalgia and Comfort"

Quarantined? Using what you have at home

We’re spending more time indoors right now than normal. Keeping each other safe is extremely important right now, but we have to keep ourselves and our families busy, too. Luckily, there’s more to do around your home than you think! Do you love to cook? Normally, we are so pressed for time it’s easy to … Continue reading "Quarantined? Using what you have at home"

Bring Culture to Your Kitchen Part 3: Cuban

Cuban cooking is about making the most of what you have. Its recipes aim to make a lot out of a little, using the ingredients that are on hand. “They don’t have a winter, but still can only get certain things at certain times of the year,” says Guillermo Pernot, chef-partner of Cuba Libre Restaurant … Continue reading "Bring Culture to Your Kitchen Part 3: Cuban"

Bring Culture to Your Kitchen Part 2: Mexican

It’s late on a Friday night when that unmistakable craving for Mexican food strikes. So what will it be? You could dial up the local restaurant to satisfy your urge to inhale a savory favorite like a burrito, taco, or enchilada. Or you can head to the kitchen. Before you break out your blender to … Continue reading "Bring Culture to Your Kitchen Part 2: Mexican"

Bring Culture to Your Kitchen Part 1: Thai

Learning to cook foods from a culture outside of your own can add new depth to your home cooking. You’ll discover new recipes, new flavors, and learn more about another culture’s history and traditions. Over the next few weeks, In Every Home will explore various ways you can expand your cooking repertoire and bring new … Continue reading "Bring Culture to Your Kitchen Part 1: Thai"

“Fried” and True: 3 healthy snacks for your air fryer

There is something incredibly satisfying, beyond the obvious indulgence, about the sound and texture that come with biting into a perfectly fried food. That crisp and crunch, not to mention the flavor that comes from frying, can be tough to abandon for those of us looking to be more mindful about healthy food choices. It’s … Continue reading "“Fried” and True: 3 healthy snacks for your air fryer"