Peek Inside the Refrigerator of a Top Chef!

Ever wonder what was in the refrigerator of some of the country’s top chefs? The New York Times asked 11 top chefs in New York City, and their answers might surprise you.  Peek inside their fridges and you’ll see that many of them probably don’t look all that different than your own – yogurt, half-empty … Continue reading "Peek Inside the Refrigerator of a Top Chef!"

Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and many of us will be cooking dinner for family and friends. With all of the stress that comes with preparing large meals, even the most experienced cook can become distracted and within a blink of an eye a fire can spark. That’s what happened recently in Indianapolis when a … Continue reading "Holiday Cooking Safety Tips"

Know when to use a Microwave or Conventional Oven: A message from the USDA’s “Cook it Safe” Campaign

Busy parents appreciate how hectic the after-five routine can be, especially when hungry mouths are staring at you and wondering when dinner will be served.   Many Americans’ freezers are stocked with trusted meals sure to put a smile on any kid’s face.  While the shortest distance between the freezer and the table may be the … Continue reading "Know when to use a Microwave or Conventional Oven: A message from the USDA’s “Cook it Safe” Campaign"

All About Induction Cooking

AHAM has told you about the Five appliance that can help you save money, but did you know there is a type of cooking technology that can save you time, money and piece of mind?  Induction cooking is relatively new and unknown, but induction cooktops are gaining popularity among kitchen designers. Induction cooking works by … Continue reading "All About Induction Cooking"

Thanksgiving Tips for Cooks of All Levels to Keep your Holidays Joyous and Safe

Thanksgiving dinner is the most anticipated meal of the year for Americans and an ideal opportunity for cooks to show off their culinary expertise. However, Thanksgiving is also considered the peak day for preventable cooking fires, where they are three times more likely to occur than any other day of the year. Safety Tips for … Continue reading "Thanksgiving Tips for Cooks of All Levels to Keep your Holidays Joyous and Safe"

Safety-Proof Your Cooking Style This Thanksgiving

Millions of families are looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday next week, but remember to be extra cautious in the kitchen as you prepare your Thanksgiving dinner.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), cooking fires are the top cause of home fires and are three times as likely to occur on Thanksgiving Day … Continue reading "Safety-Proof Your Cooking Style This Thanksgiving"

Frozen Food Safety

NBC 4 in Washington, D.C. recently broadcast a segment on frozen food safety where consumer reporter Liz Crenshaw tested a variety of frozen food products.  She reminds consumers that it is essential to follow the manufacturers’ instructions when cooking a frozen meal in the microwave or conventional oven.  Some foods may need to sit after … Continue reading "Frozen Food Safety"