November 20, 2012

Holiday Cooking Safety Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and many of us will be cooking
dinner for family and friends. With all of the stress that comes with preparing
large meals, even the most experienced cook can become distracted and within a blink
of an eye a fire can spark. That’s what happened recently in
Indianapolis when a 32-year-old man left his stove unattended.

To ensure your holiday dinner is successful and safe, follow these simple and important tips:

  • Stay
    in the kitchen while food is cooking.
     Most fires in the kitchen occur because
    food is left unattended while cooking. If you must leave the kitchen
    briefly, carry an oven mitt with you as a reminder that something is
  • Do not try
    to hold your child in one arm while cooking with the other.
    Holding a
    child while cooking is an invitation for a burn. Keep the cooking area clear of
    clutter and keep your child out of the kitchen while you’re cooking.
  • Keep your range top free of clutter. Don’t
    overload a range top with too many pots and pans. Trying to cook all
    dishes at once could cause grease to accidentally spill onto a range top
    and cause a fire. Only cook with as many pots and pans as there are
    burners.  Also, never use the oven
    cavity for storage.

For more
cooking safety tips, download AHAM’s Recipe for Safer Cooking brochure or order several to
distribute within your community by clicking here or
sending an email to There is no charge for the brochures, but
AHAM does charge a nominal shipping fee if you order more than 250 brochures.
AHAM also has brochures on other safety topics, including portable heater
safety, clothes dryer safety, and range tipping.

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