Your appliance cleaning checklist

It’s tough to imagine tackling the various spring cleaning projects around your home without essential cleaning appliances like vacuums, washers and dryers. In fact, some of your appliances are so essential to keeping your home clean that it’s easy to forget that cleaning your appliances should also be part of the annual springtime ritual of … Continue reading "Your appliance cleaning checklist"

Expert tips on refrigerator organization

You know the routine: Open the refrigerator, put the item wherever you can find enough space, then quickly close the door. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s how many people organizetheir refrigerator. While that may work just fine for some, it’s also a recipe for scattered meal planning and potentially wasted food. And … Continue reading "Expert tips on refrigerator organization"

Rise of the Robots: Robotic Vacuums Now a Floor Care Fixture

Do robots live among your appliances? There’s a growing chance at least one type does. Sales of robotic vacuums and cleaning robots are expected to grow from $981 million in 2013 to $2.6 billion by 2020. And the innovations keep coming. New features like cameras, voice controls and improved navigation have taken robotic vacuums from … Continue reading "Rise of the Robots: Robotic Vacuums Now a Floor Care Fixture"

Easy oven and range-cleaning tips

Even the most dedicated neat freak might cringe at the thought of cleaning their oven. But putting it off can make cooking more challenging. Over time, residue from cooking and spills can build up and become a drag on oven and range performance. And the “leftovers” that build up on the bottom and sides of … Continue reading "Easy oven and range-cleaning tips"

5 things to consider when buying a vacuum

If you’re serious about keeping your carpets clean and your floors shining, just any vacuum won’t do. The type, features and design of the vacuum are important, but the type of floors and the level of cleaning they’ll require should be your focus when making a decision. Do you have hardwood floors? Standard or ultra-soft … Continue reading "5 things to consider when buying a vacuum"

Give the air in your home a spring cleaning

With memories of massive snowfalls still fresh in the minds of many, it’s easy to forget that spring allergy season is just about here. When the first sniffles of spring strike, allergy sufferers may be tempted to hole up and avoid the outdoors. But the air inside may be just as bad or even worse, … Continue reading "Give the air in your home a spring cleaning"

Ideas to Declutter Your Laundry Room

There aren’t very many people who enjoy doing laundry and sometimes that chore can be even more stressful when the laundry room is cluttered and disorganized. Whether you have a big laundry room or just a space big enough to hold your washer, dryer and detergent, you probably don’t have to invest much time or … Continue reading "Ideas to Declutter Your Laundry Room"

Take the Work Out of Vacuuming Your Home with These Tips

Of course you know how to vacuum, right?   Well, maybe not, according to Consumer Reports that suggests that if you are vacuuming the wrong way, you may be making more work for yourself. Consumer Reports magazine has 10 helpful tips that will leave your carpet cleaner and can leave you less worn out after doing … Continue reading "Take the Work Out of Vacuuming Your Home with These Tips"

How Clean Is Your Kitchen?

When it comes to the kitchen, most people probably say that their countertops and dinnerware are clean.  However, according to a recent article in the MinnPost which highlights a study from NSF International, a non-profit focused on public health and safety issues, we should focus on some unexpected places in our kitchens as well. According … Continue reading "How Clean Is Your Kitchen?"