October 17, 2013

Take the Work Out of Vacuuming Your Home with These Tips


Of course you know how to vacuum, right?   Well, maybe not, according to Consumer Reports that suggests that if you are vacuuming the wrong way, you may be making more work for yourself.

Consumer Reports magazine has 10 helpful tips that will leave your carpet cleaner and can leave you less worn out after doing a chore that most people would rather not do.  Here are three to get you started:

Stick to a schedule, Make multiple passes to clean deeply, and Spot-treat spills.   You can read the rest of CR’s tips here.

An editor at Better Homes and Gardens magazine has additional tips in a Tampa Bay Tribune article. He recommends saving vacuuming only after all of the other chores, such as dusting, have been done and move all furniture out of the way.

“Professional house cleaners call this ‘top down cleaning’ —
you start at the top of the room, so particulates settle. Tackle ceiling
corners, window treatments, furniture and finally the floors,?? the article

And after you’ve finished reading those tips, you can see how far vacuum technology has come since the days of this 1950s Singer commercial. And if it weren’t for this Hoover commercial, you may have forgotten how vacuuming in the 1980s was such an exciting experience that you may have worn a mink stole and lace gloves to clean the house!  

What are your top tips for vacuuming? Have you discovered anything that makes this chore a bit easier? Share with other readers by commenting below.

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