Holiday Cooking: What to Freeze and What to Prepare Fresh

If you are getting ready to host a big holiday meal, your freezer can make the job a lot easier. Beyond their obvious advantage for food storage, freezers can help you stay ahead of the clock as you prepare for the big feast. Preparing certain dishes and freezing them in advance can be great for … Continue reading "Holiday Cooking: What to Freeze and What to Prepare Fresh"

Indoor Air Quality is an Essential Part of a Healthy Home

Pollen. Dust. Animal dander. Viruses and bacteria. The pollutants that affect indoor air quality are often too small to see, but the effects they can have on your health and wellness can quickly become too big to ignore. Spring and the pollen it brings is enough to make allergy sufferers think more about the air … Continue reading "Indoor Air Quality is an Essential Part of a Healthy Home"

Your Guide to Appliance Repair During COVID-19

Over the course of the nearly two-year COVID-19 pandemic, people have relied on their appliances more than ever. And that is true for all appliances, from the refrigerator to the clothes washer to the stand mixer. It is rarely convenient when an appliance requires service. But COVID-19 has added another layer to the usual routine … Continue reading "Your Guide to Appliance Repair During COVID-19"

Refrigerator Organization: Storing and Reheating Leftovers Safely

Once the holiday table is cleared, many home cooks across the U.S. might be left wondering what they’re supposed to do with all of the leftovers. From a simple turkey sandwich  to the more exotic leftover turkey curry or chipotle turkey tostadas, your options for creative post-holiday cooking are limitless. But regardless of how you … Continue reading "Refrigerator Organization: Storing and Reheating Leftovers Safely"

Sanitizing Cycles and Other Ways to Kill Illness-causing Bugs

NOTE: NSF was interviewed for the following blog post on cleaning vs. sanitizing. While sanitization cycles are a tool to boost the cleanliness of your home, NSF’s testing of sanitization cycles does not presently include the COVID-19 or coronaviruses. Anyone shopping for cleaning products that can kill bacteria, viruses and other illness-causing microorganisms these days … Continue reading "Sanitizing Cycles and Other Ways to Kill Illness-causing Bugs"

COVID-19 Roundup, Winter Edition

As we approach the 2020 winter and holiday season, COVID-19 numbers are once again spiking across the country.  While we have learned a lot about how to clean, and how to stay safe, with the upcoming holiday season upon us, it’s worth the reminder of how to best keep your family’s safety and comfort in … Continue reading "COVID-19 Roundup, Winter Edition"

Spending More Time Inside? How to Make Your Indoor Air Cleaner

Whether it is because of social distancing or to avoid the summer heat, you might find yourself spending more time indoors this summer. That extra time at home has made it even more important to avoid the discomfort and potential health issues, like allergy symptoms, that can arise from poor indoor air quality. A room … Continue reading "Spending More Time Inside? How to Make Your Indoor Air Cleaner"

AHAM’s COVID-19 Round Up

COVID-19 has, in many ways, turned our lives upside down this year. With work and school now taking place remotely for many of us, the way that we use our homes has changed dramatically. The home appliances we rely on for comfort and convenience are filling more roles in our lives than ever before. Over … Continue reading "AHAM’s COVID-19 Round Up"

Ask Your Manufacturer Before You Disinfect Your Appliances

Sanitizers and disinfectants have been popular items since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic as consumers step up their cleaning vigilance at home. There are hundreds of disinfectant products that the U.S. EPA and Health Canada say are proven to kill COVID-19 on surfaces. However, though the products the EPA recommends may kill the … Continue reading "Ask Your Manufacturer Before You Disinfect Your Appliances"

Get the Most Out of Your Freezer

Last month, shipments of standalone freezers shot up as people replaced or purchased a new freezer for their home. With stay-at-home orders in place across the country, trips to the grocery have been reduced, and families are aiming to stock up on essential goods and ingredients. Freezers have long been a cornerstone of food storage, … Continue reading "Get the Most Out of Your Freezer"