How an air cleaner can help you reduce allergy symptoms

A sick day already? But they just started school! You probably have seen your child’s symptoms before: stuffy nose, watery eyes, maybe a cough. It could be a common cold or virus they picked up from one of their classmates. Or, it could be an allergy, rearing its ugly head during one of the busiest … Continue reading "How an air cleaner can help you reduce allergy symptoms"

Ask these questions before you hire an appliance repair technician

It’s the first day of school. You are rushing around, trying to get the kids ready and out the door on time. As you reach into your refrigerator to grab their lunches, you notice it feels warm inside. Your thermometer reads well above the recommended 37-40 degrees. It is time to call a repair technician. … Continue reading "Ask these questions before you hire an appliance repair technician"

Riding out a heat wave? Follow these tips to save energy and stay cool

Oppressive heat has scorched nearly every part of the U.S., from California to Maine, at one time or another this summer. Along with humidity and sweat, heat waves can bring higher energy bills. You may not be able to completely offset the increase in your power bill that often comes with hot weather, but you … Continue reading "Riding out a heat wave? Follow these tips to save energy and stay cool"

Sous vide your way through summer

When you think of essential tools for summer cooking, chances are your mind goes immediately to the charcoal or gas grill, a cool salad or a pot of boiling sweet corn. You probably do not think of a sous vide cooker, the increasingly popular portable appliance synonymous with steak, but quickly catching on as a … Continue reading "Sous vide your way through summer"

The keys to an allergy-free home

If you are one of the millions of Americans that suffer from seasonal allergies, you know that the changes in weather bring a plethora of allergy symptoms. Although you can’t control the triggers outdoors, there are some things you can do indoors that can make a major difference. According to the American Lung Association, Americans … Continue reading "The keys to an allergy-free home"

Meatless Cooking for the Mainstream Eater

Are you a meat lover looking to incorporate more plants into your diet? Easy! Just replace that thick, juicy steak with some steamed tofu and brown rice. What, that doesn’t sound good? It’s not the same? Is something missing? If you haven’t checked in on the plant-based world recently, you’re in for a treat.  The … Continue reading "Meatless Cooking for the Mainstream Eater"

Cordless Appliances and Battery Safety

Do you use a cordless vacuum, robotic vacuum or cordless kitchen appliance? Eventually, you will have to replace your appliance’s rechargeable battery. And when that time comes, you’ll likely go online to look for the best deal. While everyone wants to save money, that “good deal” on a replacement may cost you later. Just as … Continue reading "Cordless Appliances and Battery Safety"

How to choose the best air cleaner for your home

How clean is the air you breathe?  It’s a question on many people’s minds as seasonal allergies wreak havoc on sinuses across the U.S. Several of your home appliances can help reduce pollen and pollutants in your home, but an air cleaner is your go-to product if you want to improve the quality of the … Continue reading "How to choose the best air cleaner for your home"

6 Ways You Can Reduce and Remove Allergens in Your Home

Spring’s warm breezes, blooming gardens and milder weather are welcome. The allergies that often come with them? Not so much. But don’t let the threat of seasonal sneezes cool your spring fever. Here are six ways you can use your appliances to reduce and remove allergens from the air, floor and furniture in your home: … Continue reading "6 Ways You Can Reduce and Remove Allergens in Your Home"

AHAM’s Top 5 Posts of 2018

Let’s take a moment to revisit our most-read posts from 2018 while the year is still fresh in everyone’s mind. We covered a wide range of topics, from pet safety to counterfeit water filters. That variety is evident in our top posts of the year. We are grateful to our readers – thank you for … Continue reading "AHAM’s Top 5 Posts of 2018"