Need Some Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home,
and the one we spend a significant amount of time in, particularly if you have
a family to cook for. A “dream kitchen?? complete with shiny new appliances,
plenty of workspace and a welcoming atmosphere is something many of us want.

Are you looking to update the design of your kitchen this
year? Need some inspiration? Dwell magazine, which focuses on
modern home design, has compiled a list of tips and predictions from designers
in an article titled 101 Kitchen

As the author notes in the article’s introduction, “This is
when we might heed German graphic design visionary Otl Aicher, author of The Kitchen Is for Cooking, who wrote: ‘The
kitchen is a function of man’s social nature. Cooking is only a pleasure when
others join in eating. And cooking is even more of a pleasure if others join in
the cooking.’ And all the design genius in the world is not going to get that
fresh fish into the frying pan, or those well-scrubbed potatoes into the oven.??

Allergy Season is Coming: Are You Prepared?


The good news for the millions of Americans who suffer from allergies is that they can take action against symptoms before they start.

Dust and pollen are common airborne allergens that cause these symptoms. Here are some everyday steps you can take to help you avoid them.

  • Keep windows closed in the car and at home and limit outdoor activities, especially when the pollen count is high.
  • Shower before you go to bed to help remove allergens that may have collected on you or your clothes throughout the day.
  • Do not hang laundry outside to dry where it may collect pollen and other allergens. Use a dryer or hang the clothes inside instead.
  • Use a portable room air cleaner in your bedroom to filter airborne particles and help you breath–and sleep–easier. In a recent survey conducted by AHAM, removing dust was the top reason for purchasing an air cleaner. These portable appliances can be moved from room to room, and a portable air cleaner that’s received a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) seal may reduce the level of airborne pollutants.

Before purchasing the air cleaner, you should know the size of the room in which you’ll use it. You can search the directory found the AHAM Verifide website and compare models. Look at the ratings for tobacco smoke, dust and pollen, and find the models that have the highest ratings since they will clean your room the fastest. You can then weigh the importance of product features, such as noise levels and design, to find an air cleaner that fits your needs.

You can also obtain your free copy of AHAM’s Directory of Certified Air Cleaners here.

AHAM Welcomes Two New Members to Its Supplier Division

AHAM is proud to announce two new members have joined its Supplier Division:

Bonded Logic, Inc is located in Chandler, AZ and manufacture insulation used in appliances
made of recycled denim.

Eastman Chemical
is located in Kingston, TN and they produce polymers, adhesives
and chemicals used in the manufacturing of home appliances.


Juicing Gains in Popularity

How do you get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables? Do
you prefer to eat them whole or make your own juice? If you answered that you
don’t get your daily dose of fruits and veggies, perhaps you should consider
investing in a juicer.

According to a recent article
in the Wall Street Journal, juicers
are flying off the shelves as consumers have decided they would rather provide
their family homemade fruit and vegetable juices rather than store-bought
juices that may have additives and fewer nutrients. In fact, making your own
juice gives you the freedom to add what vegetables, fruits and seasonings that
fit your taste buds.

The WSJ states
that the market research firm NPD Group estimated that juicer sales hit 215
million for the year ending in November – a 71 percent increase from the year

As the WSJ
reports, “Hoping to slim down, detoxify or just be healthier, more Americans
are buying juicers. Some want to boost their fresh-produce consumption in a
time-efficient, taste bud-friendly way. Others are going on a multiday juice
cleanse, a diet composed of solely fruit and vegetable juice, to jump-start
weight loss or a lifestyle change.??

The article continues by noting
that, “Juicers generally fall into one of three categories: ‘fast,’ ‘slow’ and ‘whole
food.’ The fast kind, also known as traditional or centrifugal juicers, are
loud machines that grind produce to a liquid in a few earsplitting seconds.
Fans like the thin-textured juice these machines produce, leaving the solid
‘pulp’ behind.??

Some parents have even found juicers to be an easier way of
getting their children to eat their veggies. Rachel Johnson, a 32-year-old
health coach in Billings, MT, uses says that she’s able to get her young
daughters to drink healthily without them knowing. “I put it in sippy cups so
they couldn’t see the color,?? she says.

Do you like to juice? What are some of your favorite
recipes? Tell us!

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