Range Hoods: Ventilation Improves Air Quality While Cooking

When asked how cooking impacts the air in your home, your first thought might be smells like freshly baked cookies, or perhaps a burning pizza. Scents are an often great part of cooking, but the impact of cooking on your indoor air quality is more complex than that. All cooking, whether done with gas, electric, … Continue reading "Range Hoods: Ventilation Improves Air Quality While Cooking"

Best of AHAM Allergy Advice

  Spring is here, and allergies are right around the corner, if not already knocking at the door. Luckily, you already have a secret weapon at your disposal! Your appliances can help remove some of the allergens from your home and reduce your symptoms. We’ve gathered our top allergy prevention advice to help you through … Continue reading "Best of AHAM Allergy Advice"

6 Ways to Reduce and Remove Allergens in Your Home

Spring’s warm breezes, blooming gardens and milder weather are welcome. The allergies that often come with them? Not so much. But don’t let the threat of seasonal sneezes cool your spring fever. Here are six ways you can use your appliances to reduce and remove allergens from the air, floor and furniture in your home: … Continue reading "6 Ways to Reduce and Remove Allergens in Your Home"

Dorm Room Checklist: How to Buy an Air Cleaner for College Students

Millions of college students are headed back to campus and to smaller living quarters. Before the pandemic, any thought about the air in a dorm might have been limited to where to set the air conditioning or heat. As COVID-19 continues to affect our lives, students and their parents are looking ways to improve their … Continue reading "Dorm Room Checklist: How to Buy an Air Cleaner for College Students"

The Evolution of Air Cleaners and CADR

For decades, allergy sufferers, pet owners and others have relied on room air cleaners for better indoor air quality and to help reduce symptoms. Air cleaners have a well-earned reputation as a must-have appliance for households that want to cut down on particulate pollutants like tobacco smoke, dust and pollen. Over the past two years, … Continue reading "The Evolution of Air Cleaners and CADR"

Tips to Maximize Air Conditioner Performance During Extreme Summer Heat

A well-maintained, properly functioning air conditioner can be your home’s most important appliance during the summer, particularly in times like this, with excessive heat warnings in effect for several states. Many residents of those areas are being advised to stay indoors for safety during the heat wave. If you are relying on a portable or … Continue reading "Tips to Maximize Air Conditioner Performance During Extreme Summer Heat"

Your Appliance Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s tough to imagine tackling the various spring cleaning projects around your home without essential cleaning appliances like vacuums, washers and dryers. In fact, some appliances are such a part of the cleaning routine that it’s easy to forget that they need to be cleaned, too. Regular cleaning is also essential to keep your appliances … Continue reading "Your Appliance Spring Cleaning Checklist"

Indoor Air Quality is an Essential Part of a Healthy Home

Pollen. Dust. Animal dander. Viruses and bacteria. The pollutants that affect indoor air quality are often too small to see, but the effects they can have on your health and wellness can quickly become too big to ignore. Spring and the pollen it brings is enough to make allergy sufferers think more about the air … Continue reading "Indoor Air Quality is an Essential Part of a Healthy Home"

Using an Air Cleaner to Manage Wildfire Smoke

During wildfire season, many people in areas affected by smoke use air cleaners (sometimes called air purifiers) to improve the air quality in their homes. How an air cleaner is maintained and operated can affect its performance. If you are using an air cleaner to manage wildfire smoke, take these steps to ensure that your … Continue reading "Using an Air Cleaner to Manage Wildfire Smoke"

Frequently Asked Questions About Central Vacuums

If you’re reading this, you are probably considering adding a central vacuum to your home. While central vacuums aren’t as well known as the more common upright, canister, stick or robotic vacuums, they offer serious convenience, cleaning power and a host of features. We have compiled some of the most common questions about central vacuums … Continue reading "Frequently Asked Questions About Central Vacuums"