December 18, 2012

Staying Ahead of the Curve with Sustainability

JoewebIn the November issue of Appliance
Design Magazine
, AHAM President Joe McGuire pens a column titled, “Ahead
of the Curve: Sustainability Standard,?? highlighting the first sustainability
standard for refrigeration products (7001/CSA
SPE 7001/UL 7001-2012
) that AHAM and its partners, CSA Standards and UL
released in June.

McGuire notes, “The standards are credible and compatible
with government and retailer initiatives. In fact, in September AHAM presented
its Sustainability program to many leading industry retailers at the Retail Industry Leaders
Association (RILA)
sustainability conference. The reaction was very
positive and our work is respected; but it is also clear that AHAM is ahead of
the curve with these standards.??

Additionally, he states that AHAM will expand its
sustainability program: “Working with testing agencies as partners, AHAM will
extend its sustainability brand to the marketplace. AHAM’s program will support
companies who wish to have third-party certification to the AHAM/UL/CSA
standards. The common rating scale will ensure all appliances certified under the
AHAM program are rated uniformly and to the same scale and will offer levels of
achievement for those that wish to tout their product’s environmental profile.??

to read the full column.

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