May 18, 2009

Cool Off with a Room Air Conditioner

There is only one week left until Memorial Day – the unofficial start of summer!  Other than BBQ’s and pool parties, you might also be thinking about how you are going to cool your house during the upcoming summer months.  Room air conditioners are a practical way to cool down when the temperature heats up, especially for people who want to save money by only cooling the rooms they use the most.

Consumers who purchase new room air conditioners can enjoy new features such as varying fan speeds, remote controls, timers and different types of filters.  The average room air conditioner manufactured in 2008 also use 23% less energy than units made in 1990—ENERGY STAR units can save you even more!.

Before going to the store to purchase a new unit, consumers should visit to search through a list of models that are AHAM certified.  The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) tests and certifies room air conditioners in an independent lab to verify that the product performs according to the manufacturers’ claims. also offers a cooling calculator for consumers to determine the proper cooling capacity for their room.  When you have calculated the number of BTU’s , you will be able to search for a correctly sized model in the AHAM Directory of Certified Models.

Beat the Heat!  Check out the site today and cool off with a new room air conditioner!

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