May 31, 2013

Cool Off This Summer with an AHAM Verifide Room Air Conditioner!

Summer is finally here and that means that many of us will
be cooling off at home with portable and room air conditioners.

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, there are
some great resources that you can utilize to help find the unit that’s best for
you. This Old House’s website has a section titled “How to Choose
an Air Conditioner??
that provides a good overview on options, such as
remote controls and digital displays, how to properly install it as well as the
correct size:

“Matching the air
conditioner to the room you want to cool is your first consideration. If it’s
too small, it simply won’t cool the space. If it’s too large, it will cool the
space so quickly that the thermostat will shut the unit down before it can
lower the humidity level in the space. The result is a cool room that feels
damp and clammy.??

Another good resource is the ENERGY
GUIDE website
which can also help you select the proper
sized A/C
, tell you how much you can save on energy costs through their
energy calculator, the site provides a list of ENERGY STAR-approved models.

Room air conditioners that carry the AHAM Verifide seal have
been independently tested to verify the manufacturer’s for cooling capacity
(measured in BTUs per hour) and electrical energy in Amps. Click here to learn
more about AHAM Verifide
and search the online directory of AHAM Verifide room air conditioners here.
Finally, this
will help you to identify AHAM Verifide products when you’re at the

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