6 Tips to Maximize Air Conditioner Performance

Large parts of the U.S. and Canada are facing excessive heat warnings this week. During times of extreme heat, a well-maintained, properly functioning air conditioner can be your home’s most important appliance. If you are relying on a portable or room air conditioner to make the summer heat more manageable, follow these six use and … Continue reading "6 Tips to Maximize Air Conditioner Performance"

AHAM’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here, and prime cleaning season for many households. According to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute, 80% or Americans spring clean every year! Whether you’re doing a deep clean of the house or just tackling a few projects, these spring cleaning tips are sure to make your job a little bit easier. … Continue reading "AHAM’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips"

Your Guide to Appliance Repair During COVID-19

Over the course of the nearly two-year COVID-19 pandemic, people have relied on their appliances more than ever. And that is true for all appliances, from the refrigerator to the clothes washer to the stand mixer. It is rarely convenient when an appliance requires service. But COVID-19 has added another layer to the usual routine … Continue reading "Your Guide to Appliance Repair During COVID-19"