May 23, 2023

Tips & Tricks for your Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums now account for over 65% of new vacuum sales, making them ubiquitous in homes everywhere. But unlike, say, your refrigerator, they’re a relative newcomer on the scene. Their quick rise to popularity and rapidly changing technology mean that your robot vacuum likely has features you’re not taking full advantage of, and that you may want to brush up on the best practices to keep it cleaning at full potential. Below, with the help of AHAM member company SharkNinja, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for your robot vacuum.

A senior uses a robot vacuum cleaner

Put your robot vacuum on a schedule: Regular maintenance cleaning helps avoid build-up of debris and keeps your carpets and area rugs cleaner. This also helps out your vacuum by keeping debris at a manageable level.

Map your rooms individually for directed cleaning: This feature comes in handy when you have limited time to clean, or just want to hit certain rooms in your home.

Use your robot vacuum’s app: Controlling the vacuum using the app will ensure that its maps stay up to date with the layout of your home.

Clean your filters, brush roll and sensors: Keeping your robot vacuum clean will keep it running at peak performance. There are three distinct parts to consider when cleaning:

Keeping your filters clean ensures consistent cleaning performance and prevents dust and allergens from kicking up when your robot is cleaning.

Maintaining a clean brush roll means you won’t get errant stoppage due to hair wraps, and ensures strong cleaning performance.

Wiping the sensors found on the front and underside of your vacuum ensures that wheels move freely for error-free operation. Clean the sensors using a dry or damp microfiber towel. Avoid using wet wipes or a wet towel, as they can damage sensors.

Find an ideal spot for charging: Although today’s robot vacuums are smart enough to find their way back to their charging docks, you can help them out by placing the dock in a central location at least 1.5 feet from any walls, and ideally not in a closet or other enclosed space.

These tips should have your robot vacuum and your floors in top shape! Do you have a tip to share? Let us know in the comments.

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