Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home

While inflation is beginning to ease a bit, Americans are still feeling the pinch of higher grocery prices. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), food prices rose 4.9 percent between July 2022 and July 2023, with groceries landing at 3.6 percent higher year-over-year. In the year prior, grocery prices were a whopping … Continue reading "Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home"

Food waste disposers: A better choice for your scraps

While nobody ever wants to waste food, it’s inevitable that you’ll sometimes have a few scraps left over. So, what’s wrong with tossing them in the trash? Think about what happens when you throw away trash. It could sit in a bag on your property and act as a tasty treat for critters. After that, … Continue reading "Food waste disposers: A better choice for your scraps"

Stop throwing away food

We’ve already looked at how you can dispose of food scraps without sending them to a landfill. But what about the food that goes bad, or those leftovers you simply didn’t get around to eating? Putting them through your food waste disposer might be an option, but wouldn’t you rather they hadn’t gone bad in … Continue reading "Stop throwing away food"

Food waste disposers cut trash in neighborhoods and landfills

Are you going to eat that? We hope so. If not, you could be throwing away more than a few extra bites. A 2015 survey by the American Chemistry Council put the cost of wasted food at $640 per year, per household. Regardless of whether the food is scraps, leftovers, uneaten portions or spoiled food, … Continue reading "Food waste disposers cut trash in neighborhoods and landfills"

Food Waste Disposers – The Unsung Hero of Appliances

Many home appliances are under-appreciated by their owners. Food waste disposers are near the top of the “out of sight, out of mind” list of appliances. But their usefulness goes beyond convenience, and they’re helping the environment every day. Let’s take a deeper dive into the work these appliances do for the environment. Food waste … Continue reading "Food Waste Disposers – The Unsung Hero of Appliances"

Help Power Your City with Your Food Waste Disposer

Does your kitchen sink come equipped with a food waste disposer? If so, each time you throw food scraps into it, you could be helping to produce clean energy. When food scraps enter the sewage system, many local water treatment plants use them to produce biogas – a combination of methane and carbon dioxide – … Continue reading "Help Power Your City with Your Food Waste Disposer"

Where Does Your Food Waste Go?

  The average American family of four generates 36 pounds of food waste each week!  How you choose to dispose of this food waste can make a big impact on the environment.  Food waste that is taken to landfills decomposes and produces methane, an environmentally harmful greenhouse gas that is at least 21 times more … Continue reading "Where Does Your Food Waste Go?"