Expert Dishwasher Tips to Make Your Dishes Shine

  Over their more than 130-year history, dishwashers have radically altered the post-meal ritual of “doing the dishes.” Besides taking most of the work out of scrubbing and drying, dishwashers use far less water than it takes to do the work by hand. They also sanitize dishes and can even rinse away food allergens. Loading … Continue reading "Expert Dishwasher Tips to Make Your Dishes Shine"

Physicians share their allergy prevention advice

Ragweed. Pet dander. Tree pollen. Mountain cedar. Regardless of what’s causing your allergy symptoms, the sniffling, coughing, sneezing and itching are a major downer any time of the year. Before you reach for the antihistamines, look around the house. Odds are you already have many of the tools—your appliances—that can reduce the level of allergens … Continue reading "Physicians share their allergy prevention advice"

Cooking in your dishwasher: A bad idea

A number of cooking and lifestyle blogs have reported on the novelty of using a dishwasher to cook food. Recipes might include salmon, eggs, chicken and other foods. It’s a unique concept that most people probably haven’t considered. It’s also a bad idea, and appliance manufacturers don’t recommend it. Many of the articles tout the … Continue reading "Cooking in your dishwasher: A bad idea"

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher and Food Waste Disposal Working

When was the last time you cleaned out the filter in your dishwasher? Do you keep it full of a rinse aid? Is there a bad odor coming from your kitchen sink? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might not have been properly maintaining your appliances. Although today’s appliances are much … Continue reading "Follow These Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher and Food Waste Disposal Working"