6 Ways to Reduce Spring Allergens in Your Home

The warm spring weather is usually a welcome change. The allergies that comes with it? Not so much. Seasonal allergens like pollen and other triggers like dust and mites are unwanted guests found in your home’s air and on furniture and floors, and even on your clothing. But the threat of seasonal sneezes shouldn’t cool … Continue reading "6 Ways to Reduce Spring Allergens in Your Home"

Why you should stop pre-rinsing your dishes today

Sustainability is becoming a holiday tradition. A 2021 Accenture survey found that steps toward sustainability had emerged as a holiday trend in the U.S. In Canada, according to a 2022 EY survey, people are working to reduce food waste on food waste, seeking ways to use less energy at home, and looking for information about … Continue reading "Why you should stop pre-rinsing your dishes today"

AHAM’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here, and prime cleaning season for many households. According to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute, 80% or Americans spring clean every year! Whether you’re doing a deep clean of the house or just tackling a few projects, these spring cleaning tips are sure to make your job a little bit easier. … Continue reading "AHAM’s Top Spring Cleaning Tips"

Is Your Water Filter Counterfeit?

Is it time to change your refrigerator’s water filter? Be careful about where you buy the replacement. Many consumers, perhaps attracted by lower prices, are being duped into purchasing counterfeit water filters. These convincing but fake filters, which can be nearly impossible to distinguish from the real thing, may put consumers’ health and property at … Continue reading "Is Your Water Filter Counterfeit?"

5 things to consider when buying a vacuum

If you’re serious about keeping your carpets clean and your floors shining, just any vacuum won’t do. The type, features and design of the vacuum are important, but the type of floors and the level of cleaning they’ll require should be your focus when making a decision. Do you have hardwood floors? Standard or ultra-soft … Continue reading "5 things to consider when buying a vacuum"

Give the air in your home a spring cleaning

With memories of massive snowfalls still fresh in the minds of many, it’s easy to forget that spring allergy season is just about here. When the first sniffles of spring strike, allergy sufferers may be tempted to hole up and avoid the outdoors. But the air inside may be just as bad or even worse, … Continue reading "Give the air in your home a spring cleaning"

Storm Prep: How to keep frozen and refrigerated food safe

If you’re preparing for a major storm, stocking up on enough food and water should be part of your plan. You also need to have a plan to keep your food safe to eat during and in the wake of the storm, especially if you lose power. Eating food that hasn’t been stored properly can … Continue reading "Storm Prep: How to keep frozen and refrigerated food safe"

Follow These Food Safety Tips if You Lose Power

Serious storms, including heavy rain on the U.S. East Coast and snow in the Midwest, has put millions of households at risk for power outages. If you are in the affected areas, follow these tips from the USDA on how to keep food safe if your home loses power: A fully packed, free-standing freezer (that … Continue reading "Follow These Food Safety Tips if You Lose Power"

10 Appliances that Can Save You Money

With the high gas prices and head-wagging inflation these days, what budget-conscious family isn’t trying to save money wherever they can? While there’s certainly nothing wrong with an occasional indulgence or splurge on things that make you happy, if you find yourself stopping off at the local coffee shop each morning, lugging home cases of … Continue reading "10 Appliances that Can Save You Money"

Everything You Need to Know About Induction Cooking

Home cooks are fortunate to have three solid options for cooking methods in ranges and cooktops—gas, standard electric and induction. While induction ranges make up less than 5 percent of all electric ranges, according to AHAM factory shipment data, that percentage has grown in recent years. In 2022, induction cooktops made up about one-third of … Continue reading "Everything You Need to Know About Induction Cooking"