Advice for Safe Installation of a Room Air Conditioner

In times of extreme heat, air conditioning can quickly transform from a matter of comfort to a matter of health and safety. Millions rely on room air conditioners (aka “window units”) and portable air conditioners either as their primary means of staying cool or to supplement central air conditioning.   Both room and portable air conditioners … Continue reading "Advice for Safe Installation of a Room Air Conditioner"

6 Tips to Maximize Air Conditioner Performance

Large parts of the U.S. and Canada are facing excessive heat warnings this week. During times of extreme heat, a well-maintained, properly functioning air conditioner can be your home’s most important appliance. If you are relying on a portable or room air conditioner to make the summer heat more manageable, follow these six use and … Continue reading "6 Tips to Maximize Air Conditioner Performance"

10 Appliance Safety Tips You Can Use Today

June is National Safety Month, and it is the perfect time to do a quick review of easy ways to stay safe when you use appliances. From your kitchen to the laundry room, here are 10 appliance safety tips you can use in your home today! Keep an eye on what’s cooking: Unattended cooking is … Continue reading "10 Appliance Safety Tips You Can Use Today"

Cordless Appliances and Battery Safety

Do you use a cordless vacuum, robotic vacuum or cordless kitchen appliance? Eventually, you will have to replace your appliance’s rechargeable battery. And when that time comes, you’ll likely go online to look for the best deal. While everyone wants to save money, that “good deal” on a replacement may cost you later. Just as … Continue reading "Cordless Appliances and Battery Safety"

Do your part to prevent range-tipping

Have you taken steps to prevent range-tipping accidents in your home?  Typically, range-tipping accidents occur when a child climbs on to the open door of a range which has not been secured to the floor or wall by an anti-tip bracket and the child’s weight causes the range to tip over onto the child. This … Continue reading "Do your part to prevent range-tipping"

Easy ways you can prevent cooking fires

There are more than 100 million ranges and cooktops in use in the U.S. today, and most are operated safely and without incident. When cooking fires do occur, they’re usually preventable through a few simple steps. AHAM has partnered with UL, the National Association of State Fire Marshals, and the National Safety Council to develop … Continue reading "Easy ways you can prevent cooking fires"

You’re getting warmer: How to choose the right air conditioner

It’s easy to forget what a heat wave feels like until it happens. However, you’re already behind the cooling curve if you wait until temperatures approach triple digits to shop for an air conditioner. Plan now, before portable and room air conditioners fly off the shelves and you’re left overheated and longing for autumn’s cool … Continue reading "You’re getting warmer: How to choose the right air conditioner"

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality While Cooking, Even Without a Range Hood

Are you thinking more about the indoor air you breathe? If you are, you aren’t alone. Awareness of indoor air quality has surged over the past few years, though for very different reasons. Last summer, millions in the Northeast U.S. looked for indoor air solutions as smoke from Canadian wildfires blanketed the region and led … Continue reading "How to Improve Indoor Air Quality While Cooking, Even Without a Range Hood"

6 Ways to Reduce Spring Allergens in Your Home

The warm spring weather is usually a welcome change. The allergies that come with it? Not so much. Seasonal allergens like pollen and other triggers like dust and mites are unwanted guests that can take up residence in the air and on your furniture and floors, and even on your clothing. But the threat of … Continue reading "6 Ways to Reduce Spring Allergens in Your Home"

Why you should stop pre-rinsing your dishes today

Are you looking for ways to make your home more sustainable? Here’s one: Stop pre-rinsing your dishes before you load your dishwasher. It may sound too simple, but if you consider the number of dishes and utensils that go into an average-sized dishwasher load, those quick rinses can add up to serious water savings, even … Continue reading "Why you should stop pre-rinsing your dishes today"