March 5, 2012

The Home of the Future…from 1957

What images are conjured up when you envision the “Home of the Future???   Nowadays, you might think of a kitchen equipped with modern-looking smart appliances that can be controlled from your smart phone.  If so, you would be correct because those technologies are currently being developed and will not only save you time and effort in the kitchen, but help to lower your utility bills with increased energy efficiency.

However, six decades ago, the “Home of the Future?? was envisioned very differently.  At Disneyland in Anaheim California, the Monsanto Home of the Future became a major attraction in 1957 that showcased what a typical American home would be like in 1986. Some things, such as microwaves and dishwashers, would become ubiquitous. However, some parts of this futuristic kitchen never came to pass and now seem kitschy by today’s standards, such as all-plastic dinnerware, using the dishwasher to store the dishes, and replacing the refrigerator/freezer with hidden “cold zones?? for “irradiated food.??

This website features more information about the Monsanto Home of the Future and includes a fun 8-minute film from the late 1950s of a housewife daydreaming about living there. You can see more pictures of the Home of the Future here.  

Or watch here:


What do you think of this Monsanto Home of the Future?    What do you hope the Home of the Future will look like?    Tell us!

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