August 16, 2012

News from London… and It’s not about the Olympics

Last week during the Olympics, the news briefly drifted from Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas, to a less than award-winning incident in Great Britain when the Dorset Fire and Rescue Service was forced to issue the following statement:  “The fire safety message here is to never put clothing of any kind in the microwave or an oven to attempt to dry them.??   Why, you might ask? A Dorset resident tried to dry his socks and underwear in his microwave and ended up causing a fire in his apartment.

Thankfully there was little damage to his apartment and no one was injured. However, a humorous incident like this should remind everyone that home appliances must be used for only their intended purpose and always follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

In an effort to promote the safe use of appliances, AHAM is once again distributing free safety brochures (just pay the shipping when ordering more than 250 brochures).  National Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 7-13, so order your brochures now and incorporate them into your safety education program!   Last year, AHAM distributed over 175,000 brochures to local fire departments, schools and non-profit agencies.

The following brochures are available:

  • “Protect Against Range Tipping??
  • “Recipe for Safer Cooking Procedures??
  • “Clothes Dryer Safety??
  • “Portable Heater Safety Brochure?? (English)
  • “Portable Heater Safety Brochure?? (Spanish)

There is no shipping charge if your total order is less than 250 brochures. However, there will be a nominal shipping charge for larger orders. You may order brochures online or click here for an order form. Email AHAM if you have any questions.

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