January 8, 2013

McGuire: Engaging Volunteers Ensures Success

In the January edition of ASAE’s magazine Associations
, AHAM President and ASAE Board of Directors Chair Joe McGuire
discusses the importance of volunteer leadership in his column titled “From
Where I Sit: Engaging Leaders

McGuire writes, “In my organization, I always judge the
success of a Committee or Board meeting by the amount and depth of volunteer
discussion during the meeting. If volunteers are engaged, this very likely
means the agenda topics are succinctly briefed, relevant, and important to the

He notes that a recent example of this collaboration
occurred in November when the ASAE board and volunteer leadership team focused
its attention on two important issues: mobile communications and the impact of tax
reform on tax-exempt organizations that is being debated by Congress.

Read more in the linked column.

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