September 2, 2009

“Cash for Refrigerators” on FOX Business and where to find the deals NOW!

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  • You don't need to wait until November to take advantage of rebates for ENERGY STAR rated appliances!  Check out the ENERGY STAR web site to see if there is already a special offer in your area.  Many manufacturers, states and utilities already have incentive programs in place such as rebates and tax holidays.
  • According to the Department of Energy, all 50 states and 6 territories have already turned in their initial applications to qualify for the rebate, and the final plans are due on October 15th.  After these plans are approved by the DOE, you will know which ENERGY STAR appliances will qualify for rebates and the amount of each rebate in your state. 
  • This program will offer consumer rebates in the ballpark of $50 – $200 depending on the appliance purchased.  This will help offset the initial purchase cost of the product, but consumers should think about the ongoing utility savings by using a new efficient appliance.  Retiring a 10-year-old clothes washer will save you $135 per year in electricity costs, and more than 5,000 gallons of water will be saved.

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