January 14, 2014

Appliance Makers Show Off New Technologies at CES


In case you didn’t catch the news from CES 2014 last week in Last Vegas, appliance manufacturers showed off a lot of interesting appliances that they hope to bring to your home soon. According to the blog, Techlicious, it seems that the buzzword coming out of Las Vegas was “smart?? – as in smart dishwashers, smart refrigerators, smart dishwashers and smart crock pots.

Some of the highlights of the CES Show include dishwashers that will send you texts when the dishes are clean and clothes washers that start upon a command from any device such as a smartphone or laptop.  

The entire article is available here.

ABC News was also covering CES and highlights two cool appliances including an interactive induction cooktop that will enable the user to simultaneously cook and bring up recipes to display on the cooktop without burning their hands. Another company has developed a crockpot that can be controlled from your smart phone so you can change the cooking time or temperature without ever leaving the couch.

Finally, CNET provides a rundown of what they saw – including appliances that weren’t “smart,?? but utilize new technologies to get your dishes cleaner and your wine colder.

Can you think of a new technology that you’d like to see incorporated into your home appliance?

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