October 12, 2011

AHAM’s Latest Energy Data Released

AHAM has just released the 2010 update to its Trends in Energy Efficiency.  This data details industry average capacity, energy efficiency and consumption trends in clothes washers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and room air conditioners from 1990-2010.  It also provides an initial data point from 1980.   This PDF trends table may be purchased and downloaded by clicking here.  The data shows that Refrigerators shipped in 2010, offered a 10 percent decrease in the industry’s average energy consumption. Energy efficiency increases for other products are contained in this new data release.


AHAM also offers Major Appliance Historical Trends, which provides data includes imports, exports and domestically produced units; History of Dollar Value Report provides estimated annual Major Home Appliance Industry Domestic Dollar Sales; and Distributor Sales by State data including a listing of Major Appliance shipments by product distributed to each state.   Visit AHAM’s store here.

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