May 8, 2012

AHAM’s Clothes Washer Verification Program Provides Consumers with Confidence

With the rising cost of utility bills, consumers looking to buy a new clothes washer often take into consideration the energy efficiency ratings when deciding which washer to purchase.   In fact, energy efficiency ranks third in terms of important purchase factors, according to AHAM consumer research conducted in 2010. Performance ranks second, and cost is the number one factor according to the same study.  That’s where AHAM’s Clothes Washer Verification Program comes in.

Recently, AHAM’s Jill Notini, Vice President for Communications & Marketing, spoke with the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists about the AHAM Verification Program, which independently verifies manufacturers’ energy efficiency ratings.

“This program is a response to manufacturers’ desire to strengthen consumers’ confidence in their ratings claims,?? she said.

As the article notes, “Verification of manufacturers’ energy ratings is performed through random testing by an independent laboratory. Licensees do not have to be AHAM members. Currently, licensees include Alliance Laundry Systems, GE Appliances & Lighting, Miele Inc., Samsung Electronics America Ltd., and Whirlpool Corp. Verified washing machines carry the AHAM Mark, assuring that “the product’s energy consumption rating is consistent with the energy consumption measured against standard test methods.??

Notini added, “[AHAM’s work] is leading to next generation issue [solutions]. We are working with Energy Star to include an allowance for products that have smart grid capabilities.??

Read the full article here.

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