What Appliances Have People Purchased During the Pandemic?

People in much of the U.S. have spent far more time at home during the last 18 months, and many have taken steps to make their space a little more comfortable. That includes changes in habits, like cleaning, cooking or organizing more, as well as home improvements and purchasing new appliances.

AHAM surveyed more than 4,000 U.S. residents in December 2020 to find out, among other things, what new appliances they purchased during COVID. Two out of five people surveyed said they had purchased at least two more appliances since the start of the pandemic.

So what appliances have people brought into their homes during COVID? Well, despite some respondents noting that they no longer showered daily and stopped going to the salon in lieu of at-home haircuts, they didn’t let themselves go completely. Personal care appliances topped the list of appliances purchased since the start of the pandemic, with 35% of respondents reporting a purchase.

Small kitchen appliances were the second-most common, with 32% of respondents reporting purchases. Those appliances were likely being put to good use, as nearly half (48%) of respondents reported cooking at home more often during the pandemic. Forty-two percent of them expect to continue cooking at home more after COVID passes.

Here’s the full rundown of the types of appliances people in the U.S. reported purchasing since COVID began:

Personal care appliances (35%):  Electric toothbrushes were the most common personal care appliance purchased, followed by hair dryers, hair clipper/shavers, hair straighteners and hair curlers.

Small kitchen appliances (32%): Coffee makers were the most commonly purchased small kitchen appliance, followed by air fryers, toasters, blenders, slow cookers and toaster ovens.

Vacuum or floor care appliances (22%): Respondents turned to a variety of floor care appliances as they stepped up their cleaning efforts. Upright vacuums were the most popular, with corded stick vacuums, robotic vacuums and cordless stick vacuums following. Respondents also reported bringing home spray mops, canister vacuums and surface steam cleaners.

Major home appliances (19%): Refrigerators and clothes washers were the most popular purchases among those who reported buying a major home appliance. Microwave ovens were close behind, followed by clothes dryers, dishwashers, oven/cooktop or range, freezers and wine refrigerators.

Air treatment appliances (16%): Increased interest in indoor air quality put air cleaners at the top of the list of air treatment appliances purchased since the start of the pandemic. Humidifiers were next, followed by portable fans, portable heaters and portable air conditioners.

In addition, 17% reported purchasing a smart appliance, and 6% said they had purchased a central vacuum system.

Many who responded to AHAM’s survey purchased more than one appliance.

At least 1 appliance: 22%

2+ appliances: 38%
3+ appliances 17%
4+ appliances 6%
5+ appliances 2%
6+ appliances 1%

What appliance purchases have you made during COVID?

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