WSJ Shares Smart Appliance Innovations from CES

As we previously reported, AHAM sponsored the Connected Home Appliances TechZone at the 2011 CES, where manufacturers showcased their newest designs.  These appliances all use digital technology to connect to a smart grid, which will allow consumers to run them more efficiently.  Watch the video below from Jason Bellini at the Wall Street Journal as he shows off what he saw at the show, and keep an eye out for AHAM's Kevin Messner who was interviewed for the story!

Be Warm and Safe while Snowed In

This January has been very cold and “snowier?? than usual according to CNN’s “This Just In?? news blog, where you can see a Google map showing 49 out of 50 states have snow on the ground right now.  Winter weather is snowing people in all across the country, unless you are lucky enough to live in Florida!

People are going to look for ways to warm up while enduring these icy conditions, so AHAM wants to remind everyone to use their heating appliances properly.  Read the instructions before operating portable heaters and follow AHAM’s Top Tips for Using Your Electric Heater Safely.  You should also teach your children not to get too close to the heater and do not place them in a child’s room without supervision.

You should also read these winter storm precautions from Gwinnett County Fire Department in Georgia.  These are good tips from people down south who usually avoid being snowed in!

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