Express: “There’s a Zap for That”

Don't underestimate the potential of your microwave!  A recent story in The Washington Post's Express Night Out newspaper explains the wide variety of meals that can be cooked in a microwave beyond a frozen "TV dinner." 

A modern microwave oven can be used to make dishes from steamed vegetables to fish to cake.  Recipes found in microwave cookbooks may surprise those who only use their MWO for nuking leftover pizza.  Check out the recipe for "Warm Autumn Compote" featured at the bottom of the article.

Assessment of Communication Standards for Smart Appliances Published Today

The home appliance industry has conducted a technical evaluation of communication protocols for smart appliances and AHAM released the findings this morning during a GridWeek 2010 panel presnetation.  This latest report, Assessment of Communication Standards for Smart Appliances, is a follow-up to AHAM's white paper, which was released in December.  This assessment  was developed to address the four communication parameters outlined in the white paper, and will assist manufacturers in helping consumers to take advantage of new smart grid enabled appliances.

To read more about AHAM's efforts toward successful deployment of smart appliances, visit



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