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Search and Compare Appliance Ratings with AHAM

Visit AHAM’s new searchable directories of verified products to find the refrigerator, dehumidifier, room air conditioner and room air cleaner that meets your needs.   Search and compare appliances that are listed in AHAM’s Verification Programs to find models that have undergone performance and energy testing.    AHAM’s Verification Programs validate the energy ratings made by manufacturers through random testing conducted by an independent laboratory.   Product directories for clothes washers and dishwashers will be available soon. 


How to Find an Air Cleaner that Works for You

Shopping for an air cleaner can seem overwhelming, which is why AHAM wants to help make your decision easier!  AHAM staff members Wayne Morris and Jill Notini answered some common questions in an article in House Beautiful that explains how the three most common types of air cleaners work.  This is definitely a must-read before you start shopping!

CADR_clr Your next step should be to look through AHAM's Directory of Certified Air Cleaners to find a model that has been tested and had it's performance verified in an independent testing lab.  Look for an air cleaner with the AHAM seal so you can compare the CADR ratings and check for your recommended room size. 

Air cleaners are a great way to help improve your indoor air quality in addition to routine cleaning!

Indoor Air Pollution is a Big Threat in Winter Months

You may think that allergies are most troublesome in the spring, but there are actually higher pollution levels in the winter months.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor pollution is 2 to 5 times higher than it is outdoors, and when people are weatherproofing the cold air out, they are also sealing airborne pollutants inside.  This can be problematic for those with asthma and other allergies. 

MSN recently published an article with tips for clearing the air inside your home.  You should also consider purchasing an air cleaner, which can help reduce pollutants like dust, pollen and tobacco smoke.  To be sure you are purchasing an air cleaner that will work for your home, visit www.cadr.org/consumer to view a list of units that have been tested by an independent lab and had their performance verified by AHAM.  Use the online directory to sort the units by their recommended room size and find the one with the highest CADR ratings. 

Use an air cleaner to help reduce indoor allergens in your home… and other tips!

An article posted yesterday on CNN.com lists lots of helpful tips for those suffering from indoor allergies.  It is important to keep your home clean by vacuuming and dusting regularly, and reducing clutter.  You can also look for an air cleaner to help reduce the dust, pollen and tobacco smoke particles that may be floating in your air. 

AHAM has hundreds of certified air cleaners listed on www.cadr.org, where you can search for the model that will work the best in your home.  AHAM tests for the reduction of dust, pollen and tobacco smoke and gives each air cleaner a recommended room size.

The article also mentions fighting off any mold in your basement with a dehumidifier.  AHAM also tests and certifies dehumidifiers and lists the results in an online directory.