June 26, 2009

Act on House Legislation Now!

As the House is set to vote on historic energy and climate change legislation today, AHAM is ardently working to improve the language.  The Washington Times cited AHAM’s concerns on a few of the bill’s provisions.  Although the House energy bill embraces the potentially game changing application of smart grid technology to home appliances, if passed as is, it will greatly weaken the national marketplace and in essence could create 50 unique standards for home appliances, superseding the one federal efficiency standards program that has been in place successfully for many years.  Home appliance owners beware! This could increase cost of appliances and decrease product selection.  The Washington Times explained the ENERGY STAR and standards analysis provisions like this: 

The bill would also make changes to the government's Energy Star program, which recognizes dishwashers, refrigerators and other appliances that save energy. The tougher standards would mean these "energy saving" products would cost more than regular products and it would take longer for consumers to recoup the extra costs through savings on their energy bill, critics say.

"It doesn't do any good to have high-price, energy-efficient products if people will just pay to have their old appliances fixed," said Kevin Messner, vice president of government relations for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

Take a moment to let the legislators know how you feel about this bill.  House Leadership is trying to pass this bill today!  AHAM has a tool in place that will help you draft a letter to your Representative.  Click here— more than 450 people already have.

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